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Definitive Stamps

Stamps issued to cater day to day needs of postage, put for sale in post offices for considerably longer period of time. These stamps are printed in large quantities and available in many denominations. Their main purpose is to collect revenue for the government to run postal department.

Commemorative Stamps

These stamps are generally issued to commemorate events or occasions, theme and personalities of national and international importance. These stamps are printed in limited quantities and put for sale through Philatelic Bureau and some head post offices for a limited period of time. They are not supposed to be reprinted.

Mint Stamps

This is the classification of stamps according to condition. Mint stamps are those unused stamps without any cancellation, without loss of gum and without hinge marks with condition as issued from mint where they were printed.

Used stamps

Stamps which are used for postal purpose and cancelled / postmarked. Even stamps removed from envelope without cancellation also classified as used stamps.

Block of Four Stamps

Four uncut stamps of same issue usually in two rows is called block of Four stamps. This is a popular theme among enthusiast collectors. Many people collect corner block with traffic signals, top or side margins, etc. Now a days block of six stamps are being collected by the collectors, but it is difficult to get old issues in block of six.

Se-Tanent Pair / Block

Two or more different stamps from the same series attached with each other is called Se-Tanent pair/ Block. Denominations may be same or different. There are many varieties in Se-tanent blocks – Horizontal Stripes, Vertical Stripes, Blocks, Diamond shape Blocks, etc.

Se-Tanent Block of Four

These are Se-Tanent Blocks consisting Four nos. of each stamps from the same issue.

First Day Covers

A first day cover (FDC) is an envelope having postage stamps cancelled on their first day of issue. There will usually be a first day of issue postmark - a pictorial cancellation, indicating the city where it was issued and date. "First day of issue" is often used to refer to this postmark. Official first day postmarks may sometimes be applied to covers weeks or months after the date indicated.

Special Covers

Cover cancelled with special cancellation at the post office selected for the purpose, bearing postage stamp of any kind, and value equivalent to minimum inland letter mail rate. This type of cover is issued when the event is not important enough as to be commemorated by issue of a commemorative stamp, and also on the instance of private parties on payment of requisite charges.


Sheet accompanying a commemorative or special stamp issue, containing information about the issue, including the subject, design as well as technical deta such as date of issue, quantity printed, stamp size, perforation size, printing press, printing process, type of paper used, etc. It may contain name of the designer of stamp, first day cover or cancellation.

Maxim Cards

Maxim cards are picture postcards with stamp affixed on picture side of post card and cancellation related to design on stamp and card.

Miniature Sheets

These are small sheets with one or more stamps form the same issue, either with perforations or without perforations and with decorative coloured margins. Miniature sheets are issued to commemorate an occasion and meant for collection, but can be used for postage purpose.

Mint Sheets

A full sheet of stamps as issued from the mint where it was printed. Mint Sheets contains different nos. of stamps per sheet for different issues according to size and shape of the stamps. Indian postal stamps are available from 4 to 200 stamps per sheet.


These are the sheets of stamps comparatively smaller in size and lesser in numbers compared to Mint sheets. They comes with outer margins printed with colour and pattern same as the stamp. They may contain the same stamps or different stamps of the same issue.


Pane of stamps bound in the form of a small book are called stamp booklets.

Year Packs / Collector’s Pack

Packs of all commemorative or special stamps issued in a calander year, issued on payment of charges from Philatelic Bureau and counters.

Thematic Packs

Small packs of stamps on particular themes issued by Philatelic Bureau and counters.

Postal Stationary

Post card

Reply Post Card

Competition Post Card

Inland Letter

Aerogram Letter


Registration Envelop

Stationary with Advertisement

Stationary with special/slogan cancellation